Hola, I’M Tracy Ariza


Born to a Spanish father and an American mother, I grew up mostly in Michigan. (I did spend a year in Madrid when I was 4-5.)

Over my lifetime, I’ve ended up back in Spain numerous times. On one of my journeys 25 years ago, I met a handsome fisherman and decided that he was the one for me. I’m now living in a sunny spot on the Spanish Riviera with him, my husband, and my son, where I’ve been for the last two decades.

How I ended up here…

During college, I spent a semester in Spain and loved the city where the program was hosted. I later came back with a friend during a break between college degrees. While we were here, I met my husband, a fisherman, and there was no turning back. Apart from us spending a few years in the US so that I could finish dental school, we’ve been here ever since.

We both enjoy eating the local food and good quality wines and take full advantage of living in one of the few UNESCO gastro-cities of the world!

What you’ll find here…

Because we live in the Valencian Community, you’ll probably notice a focus on the foods of the region! That said, my father is from Granada and I still have family in Andalusia, so I hope to be able to pay tribute to some of my family favorites.


Get recipes for classic Spanish foods and drinks! Learn how to make your own main dishes, tapas, and cocktails!


Learn about Spanish fiestas and other cultural tidbits. Travel virtually throughout Spain.


Take a virtual tour of bodegas and learn about my favorite wines from all over Spain.

Do I look familiar?

Perhaps you’ve seen my other blogs, Oh, The Things We’ll Make! and Cosas Caseras (in Spanish). Over the years, I have loved sharing how to make a variety of things online. On my other blog, you’ll find everything from pantry basics to all sorts of homemade things like soaps, lotions, and other homemade cosmetics!